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Salesforce Objects Key Prefix List

July 18, 2022|

Salesforce is designed on a multi-tenant architecture, and it identifies every record uniquely across all orgs by assigning a unique record Id to each record. Now let's spend a few minutes understanding the breakup of [...]

Add Custom Address Fields in Salesforce

May 19, 2022|

Salesforce provides a ton of different fields to store customer-related information. For example, longitude and latitude to store location coordinates can be used to calculate the distance. The one key fields which were missing was [...]

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Top 20 Features

May 10, 2022|

The Salesforce Summer '22 ☀️ release is here now with some exciting features and functionality to play around with. Excitement is there for everyone, including Admins, Business Analysts, Developers, Designers, and Architects. Last few days, I have [...]

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