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How to Use ParentGroupVal Function


There are multiple powerful report formulas available in Salesforce. The ParentGroupVal function is one of the rarely used features of Salesforce reporting. Here you learn how to create a summary report by using the PARENTGROUPVAL() function. For reports that are grouped by rows (summary) and for joined reports: PARENTGROUPVAL(summary_field, grouping_level).

Where summary_field is the summarized field value, grouping_level is GRAND_SUMMARY or the API name of the parent level group for summary reports.

Business Use Case

David is working as a System Administrator at Appiuss Software. He received the following requirement from his manager – Add a Percentage Total to an opportunity Summary Report.

Opportunity StageOpportunity Amount% of Total Opportunity Amount
Closed Won50,00050%

We will use PARENTGROUPVAL() function to solve the above requirement and see how a report grouping shares the Grand Total. Add a custom summary formula at the summary level from the “Fields” pane in Reports.

Perform the following steps to solve the above business requirement

Step – 1: Log-in into your developer org.

Step – 2: Navigate to Reports tab, Click on it and Click New Report Button.

Step – 3: Choose Report Type and Click on Continue Button.

Step – 4 : Add column to the report. Select Amount from Columns and  then select  Sum by clicking on Column Edit. Click on Apply button

Step – 5 : Under Group Rows, Select Stage.

Step – 6 : Disable Detail Rows.

Step – 7 : Now under Summary Formula, click on + Create Formula.

Step – 8 : Fill the details, 

  1. Column Name: % of Opportunity Amount  [This will be the column header as you want it to appear on your report]
  2. Formula Output Type Picklist : Percent
  3. Decimal Points: 2 [OR select the number of decimal places to be displayed]
  4. Display Tab: Select Specific Groups
  5. Row Group: Stage [to calculate percentage according to rows]
  7. Click on the Validate button to check your formula is correct.

Step -9 : Click Apply.

Step -10 : Click on Save and Run.

You are done!

I want to hear from you! What did you learn from this post? Share your tips in the comments!  

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